Sunday, August 3, 2014

Explaining Sense Of Security To Male Species

I realised that many guys do not understand the term "sense of insecurity" when a girl tells them that. Especially a boy, whom, relates security and stability to money and money only.

Let's try another way of relating the "sense of insecurity" that ladies are feeling and yet men couldn't understand. I thought of relating to an employer/employee relationship. Those who works in SME probably could relate to this better, but nonetheless, I'm gonna go ahead with it.

Situation #1:

Breach of trust by the tiniest issue:
Relationship: Guy have promised girl to hang out but in the end did not turn up.
Workplace: Employer has promised to take on the idea of the employee and yet didn't.

No matter what factors caused the promise to be broken, the girl / employee will feel disappointed and demotivated. They will feel that the guy / employer gave empty promises after putting their hopes sky high. If you can't deliver / manage a small issue, how does the other party trust that you can handle more important issues? Even the most understanding human in the world, will get sick of it after a few times. (And face it, there is no "super-understanding" girl / employee, find them in another era, your dreams or movies)

Situation #2:

Not meeting the expectations, leading to disappointment
Relationship: Girl sees to guy with high expectations
Workplace: Employer sees to employee with high expectations believing he could deliver good results

Having high hopes and expectations are no one's fault, it's a basic presumption people have. And trust me, humans only have high hopes in someone they trust and will want to depend on. Like a Mother having high hopes for her children instead of other people's child. Like an employer having high expectations of his trusted right-hand man than any other employee. Similarly, ladies have high hopes on a guy who she thinks she wants to depend on. It is okay to not meet the expectations, but it is worst when you deny yourselves the chance to meet the expectations. When you feel inferior and not willing to try. Giving up on yourselves and looking down on yourselves is worst than anyone looking down on you. You think the girl is interested in hoping the best for everyone? She's not Mother Teresa. If you are not someone close to her, she don't give a damn.

Situation #3:

Missing in action
Relationship: MIA
Workplace: AWOL

This is simple. Many guys should understand the seriousness of AWOL but they do not apply the same logical thinking to relationship. Why is that so? No respect for your partner like what you have for your company? Because it is not educated to you? And worst of all, pushing the blame to your partner claiming that you are not given your own personal space, not trusting you, not understanding enough for your situation. Let's try and see what goes through your mind if your girl goes MIA for three days.

Situation #4:

Actions speak louder than words, even more when they contradict
Relationship: Empty promises
Workplace: Over promise, under deliver

Similar to situation #1. What good are words when you don't practice what you preach? What makes matter worst is when this happens more than once. I believe no employer will entrust a brag with important task. Because what's good with the employee are only words, and do not deliver what he had promised. Vice-versa, GUY, you will not trust the words of your employer who promise you promotion times after times and yet you still do not get it. Leading to frustration the next time you hear him making promises again.

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